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A Gnome/GTK version of Lasca

Lasca (or Laska) is a game similar to Draughts but with some really cool enhancements. You'll find a great description in the help system of Ascal. In the meantime the article on Wikipedia and on http://research.interface.co.uk/lasca/about.htm will help you understanding the rules. Ascal tries to give a great Gnome Version of Lasca for one and two players. You can undo moves, save and load games and all that on a nifty graphical board.

Ascal was programmed by 3 students for an ai-contest in the university course of C++ programming in summer 2006 at University of Goettingen, Germany. Their ai made the 4th place in a round of 9. At this time the backtracking was not functional... :)


If you still feel the need to try Ascal you'll first have to check for the standard Gnome libraries and their c++ bindings gtkmm and gnomecanvasmm.

One day there hopefully will be Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora and RedHat packages as well as a Gentoo port and a Windows version.


At the moment the usual ./configure && make && su -c "make install" will build and install Ascal. You can start it after that with "ascal" on a xterm or with the starter from the menu.


First we are looking for people willing to translate the 43 strings in our small game.

If you find a bug, please run to our Tracker and report it.

Or throw a comment on our Mailinglist.

The huge Footnote

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